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Science Teacher

RE-1 Valley Schools
Job Description
Science Teacher
(Biology/Earth Science and Human Physiology, Chemistry, Algebra-based Physics)
Sterling High School
162 scheduled working days (172 paid days); 4-day school week (Tues-Fri)
Salary range:  $33,000 - $45,072 dependent on level of education and experience
TITLE:         Science Teacher
QUALIFICATIONS:         1.       Appropriate Colorado Department of Education certification
2.       Bachelors’ degree with a major or minor in science
3.       Practice teaching
REPORTS TO:        Principal
JOB GOAL:            Develop in each student an awareness of the role of science in economic and social progress; to motivate each student to acquire knowledge of scientific facts and principles and skills in scientific methods of problem solving; to discover and develop special talents of students in scientific fields.
1.       Teach skills, knowledge and scientific attitudes through courses in general science, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics and physiology to secondary students, using courses of study adopted by the Board of Education and other appropriate learning activities.
2.       Instruct students in citizenship and basic subject matter specified in state law and administrative regulations and procedures of the school district.
3.       Plan a science program involving demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and student experiments; organize laboratory activities for optimum learning.
4.       Demonstrate scientific concepts by use of scientific apparatus, experiments, and standard or teacher-prepared charts, sketches, and other instructional aids.
5.       Provide individual or small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students and to accommodate circumstances where a variety of projects and experiments are being worked on simultaneously.
6.       Instruct students in proper use, care and safe handling of chemicals, science equipment and plant and animal life.
7.       Provide for safe storage and proper use of materials, equipment and tools.  Make minor adjustments and request repairs to equipment as required.
8.       Establish and maintain standards of student behavior for a productive learning environment during class sessions, laboratory sessions and field trips.
9.       Evaluate each student's growth in knowledge, skills and scientific attitudes in course being taught.
10.     Select and request books, instructional aids, science equipment, chemicals and supplies and maintain inventory records as required.
11.     Maintain professional competence through in service education activities provided by the district and/or in self-selected professional growth activities.
12.     Identify students’ needs and cooperate with other professional staff members in helping students solve health, attitude and learning problems.
13.     Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs.
14.     Assist students in selection and development of individual research projects.
15.     Cooperate with school administration in providing science displays and programs for the school and community and in sponsoring science activities.
16.     Communicate with parents and school counselors on student progress.
17.     Supervise students in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned work day.
18.     Participate in faculty committees and sponsorship of students.
20.     Incorporate study skills and lab procedures for application in science classrooms.
21.     Provide critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they apply to science.
22.     Expose students to recent discoveries and techniques in science development.
Sterling is located in Logan County in the Northeastern corner of Colorado on Interstate 76 alongside the Platte River. Having the largest population, approximately 13,900, in Logan County and much of the surrounding area, Sterling offers shopping, restaurants, numerous parks, a recreation center, access to medical care and is located near North Sterling Reservoir. Sterling is approximately 1 1/2 hours from Denver International Airport and 2 hours from Denver and the front range (I-25 corridor).
RE-1 Valley School District has two high schools, one middle school, one junior high school, three elementary schools and two preschools and serves approximately 2,200 students in the Sterling and Iliff/Crook areas, employing about 500 staff. RE-1 Valley School District utilizes a 4-day school week schedule (Tuesday-Friday). 
RE-1 Valley employs highly qualified, dedicated staff who believe our mission is to prepare all students for productive, successful lives beyond school through a balanced curriculum, activities, community experiences, global awareness, high expectations and interaction among students, parents and community.  Visit the District website at for more information including updated job postings and salary schedules.
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