Elementary Teacher-Special Education Resource

RE-1 Valley Schools
Job Description
Elementary Teacher - Special Education Resource
Campbell Elementary School
172 working days, 8.5 hours/day, 4-day school week (Tuesday-Friday)

REPORTS TO:    Director of Special Services and Building Principal
QUALIFICATIONS:        1.       Bachelor's Degree
2.       Appropriate Colorado Department of Education certification            
1.       Continue basic academic learning and relate occupational information training skills for those students who qualify.
2.       Individualize the instruction so that each student may experience an appropriate amount of success.
3.       Distinguish and put into use socially acceptable behavior, demonstrate a reasonable level of economic efficiency and employability and participate in the various academic, social and/or vocational experiences that comprise the total educational program.
4.       Teach significantly limited intellectual capacity students from district curriculum competencies in specific areas such as communication, numerical concepts, personal and family living, social and aesthetic concepts, civic living and interpreting the environment and world of work.
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